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EMAS Committee 2017 — 2018

up-dated 10th April 2017

Chairman Mario Stankovic
Vice Chair Dean Hirst
Treasurer Nikki Cade
Secretary Lynn Fisher
Development Officer Mario Stankovic
Regional Coaching Officer Steve Attwood
Tournament Advisor Susan Stankovic
Records Officer
Carol Smith
EAF Representatives Les Smeeton
Judge Liaison Officer Margaret Marsh
Junior Representative  David Anderson
Field Representative vacant  
Child Protection Officer Mario Stankovic
Web Master Bryan Haynes


County EMAS Representatives 2017


Derbyshire Dean Hirst
Leicestershire and Rutland Alan Tonge
Lincolnshire Barry Molsom
Northamptonshire Tim Bull
Nottinghamshire Les Smeeton and Mario Stankovic

County EMAS Secretaries 2017

Derbyshire Yvonne Long

Leicestershire and Rutland

Mel Warner
Lincolnshire Lyn Fisher
Northamptonshire Angela Bray
Nottinghamshire Mike Thomason


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