2014 Regional Senior Squad

As part of the EMAS Archers Pathway we will be forming a Regional Senior Squad in 2014. This will provide an additional step in the pathway bridging the gap between County & England representation. We have arranged a match between EMAS and WMAS and this will take place early in October. We now need to stimulate the interest of senior archers who would support this initiative and who themselves might aspire to be part of the EMAS Regional Squad. We are planning to hold a training day on Saturday 30th August 2014  which will incorporate a full 720 round and give archers an opportunity to contribute to the formation of future squad activities. This event is open to all archers who are members of EMAS, all bow styles, both sexes. Junior archers who are also capable of reaching 70 metres are also welcome to attend.
There is no requirement to be a member of your County Team or Squad and there is no fixed quota of archers from each County – any archer capable of reaching 70 metres is welcome to attend. There will be a small charge of £5.00 to help meet costs. An entry form is attached and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.”

Ken Charlesworth
EMAS Senior Team Manager


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