Calling all East Midlands County Junior Delegates – the EMAS Midlands Junior Representative is requesting your nominations for the East Midlands Youth Squad by the 23rd September

Youth Squad Selection Policy

1. Introduction
The Regional Society operates a Youth Squad over each successive winter
period. Nominally the Squad has 25 places of which 5 are allocated to each of
the East Midlands Counties. Each county is therefore responsible for the
nomination of 5 plus 4 reserves which will be taken up when a nominated
place is not taken up.
It is important that each county is prepared to make these nominations with
the requested information in the timescales requested by the Regional Junior
Representative. It would therefore be useful if Counties have nominated
persons and procedures in place to deal with this matter.
2. Nomination and Selection Procedure
Counties are in the best position to judge which young people are best
prepared to take advantage of the Youth Squad and should have a clear and
open policy as to how they will make their nominations. Nominations are
entirely at the discretion of the respective Counties but we suggest that the
Youth Squad would be particularly appropriate for Young People under the
age of 18 who are:-
Focussed on competitive Target Archery.
Committed to the Squad and their own development.
Achieving or demonstrating a potential to develop.
In all cases we can only accept paid up members of the East Midlands
Archery Society and eligible for representation as such.
2.1. Nominated County Delegate
We ask that each County nominate a delegate (possibly their own Junior
Representative) who will be responsible for their nominations and will normally
be a single point of contact with the Regional Junior Representative.
2.2. Request for Nomination
The Regional Junior Representative will publish the current selection policy on
the EMAS website which will include a nomination the 1st September
of that year
2.3. Nominations
Each respective County delegate is asked to complete the nomination
document with all requested information and return this to the Regional Junior
Representative no later than the 23rd September. In the case that nominations
are not received by this time the Regional Junior Representative will take the
following actions:-
Youth Squad Selection Policy
Make every effort to contact the County Delegate by e-mail or telephone in the first instance and then by a letter copied to the respective County Secretary. If by the 30th September after exhausting all reasonable means of securing nominations from a County and having no realistic expectation that this would be forthcoming the Regional Junior Representative will make Regional Nominations based on AGB Performance Regional Academy policy below.
2.4. Squad Invitations
The Regional Junior Representative will send Youth Squad invitations to the 25 nominee’s no later than the 3rd October requesting replies by the 17th October.
If by the 26th October the Regional Junior Representative receives no reply to an invitation and having made every effort to contact the parents of the nominee and having no reasonable expectations that a reply will be forthcoming it will be assumed the invitation has been declined.
Invitations that are declined will be offered to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th reserves in that order.
3. Squad FeesSquad Fees Squad FeesSquad Fees Squad FeesSquad FeesSquad Fees
Normally squad fees are the responsibility of the squad archer through their parents or carers.
Where a County elects to pay centrally then they must confirm this arrangement on the nomination document and make arrangement to send the payment to the Regional Junior Representative before the 31st October of the Squad commencing later that year.
4. National Squad
Archers with a secure place on a National Development Squad, Podium Potential, Talent Confirmation, Transfer Group, should not be nominated for the Regional Youth Squad.
You should consider Performance Academy Athletes in your selection policy, however this group already have significant support within their program and that you may wish to consider new talent streams.
We will be inviting the above groups to the final Outdoor Squad in April
5. AGB Performance Regional Academy
Archers or aiming for places on AGB Performance Academy TID System will be supported within the EMAS Youth Squad system. Their entry in to the EMAS Youth Squad will be either through the county nomination or from 5 off entries administered by the Regional Committee through the Junior Delegate with the following criteria.
Youth Squad Selection Policy
3 of 3
Is actively seeking a place with the AGB performance pathway. Has attended the previous AGB Talent Selection event Is actively working on a AGB Program and can provide evidence of this in a performance program
6. What happens if it goes wrong

The purpose of this policy is to administer the invitations to the Youth Squad fairly and in good time for the benefit of young people in the East Midlands Region. Errors and omissions on the part of any party will be resolved by the Regional Junior Representative with these principles in mind.
7. Dates and Venue
9th November 2014 Groby Community College 10:00-16:00
14th December 2014 Groby Community College 10:00-16:00
11th January 2015 Groby Community College 10:00-16:00
8th February 2015 Groby Community College 10:00-16:00
8th March 2015 Groby Community College 10:00-16:00
12th April 2015 Outdoor Squad Venue Kirby Muloe TBC



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