2011 EMAS Regional Coaches Conference Report by Jim Johnson ~ RCO

East Midlands Archery Society.

Regional Coaches Conference.

27 October 2012.


40 plus coaches of EMAS assembled for the coaches conference at the Vale of Belvoir Hotel in Nottingham shire on 27 October 2012. Presentations included a comprehensive range of archery aspects and skills. All presenters were professional in their delivery extracting rapt attention from their audience.

 Subjects included were: English Archery Federation, selection and organisation for Commonwealth Games and international representation. Les Smeeton’s comprehensive account on the benefits of EAF.

Initiatives for taking archery out into the community, especially schools and the disabled. Simon Barnicott’s experience of outward working.

Fitness and bodily control in the sport. Exercises in training and the mental approach to training. An excellent presentation at short notice by Allison Caughey,  a practising Physiotherapist and coach.

Performance Unit of AGB, a briefing on objectives and procedure to attain elite representation. By Jim Johnson after a briefing by Cerri Ann Davies, Performance unit manager.

The Bow, its complexity and simplicity by renowned bowyer Keith Gascoigne.

Feed back from the attendees was positive and complimentary.

My thanks to all who attended and the presenters who made the day, not to forget the excellent service from the venue staff.

Jim Johnson.


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