A message from the EMAS Chairman

Another year have gone and here we are 2016  AGM so I thank all the official’s for their work . My thoughts go to the ones we have lost .
I have been to most of the EMAS shoots to represent the region.
I am dismayed in the turnout today very disappointed today, also to have so many officers resign at the last minute is very disappointing they can’t even give a report  as if there was anyone to hear them.
I don’t know if the region can run with so few officers, in fact with AGB having not invited me to their meeting  the region’s not wanting to help l ask  myself am I the right person to to be in this job. We can’t go on this way last year I said  apathy is still there   nothing has changed. So where do we go from here?  I give it all up and go back to do some shooting  I forgot what that was  it seems the more I do the more you want me to do  I am going away for a few days for a rest then we will see.
Thanks Mario

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