Be On The Look Out For Tom Cram’s Bow which has been stolen

Hi All, my bow was stolen from my car last night in Loughborough. If anyone sees it being offered for sale anywhere could they let me know please ( Details below:

Hoyt GMX riser in black, with light coloured formula grip built up with Sugru and blue grip tape. Had the following attached to it: Shibuya rest (silver) and button (black), Win & Win carbon clicker, Soma top rod (black).

Win & Win Winex limbs, medium 40lbs.

Mybo Certo stabilisers: 33″ long rod, 2 x 15″ side rods, 4″ extender, 40 degree v-bar. All in black.

Shibuya Ulitima Carbon sight, black, with Spigarelli Light Pin.

Very old set of X10s, 450 spine, orange Beiter nocks, 3″ Impulse vanes in yellow.

Thanks, Tom Cram.

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