Break in at Archers of Bridlington and Burton Agnes (ABBA) ~ be on the look out for kit

You may have seen in a recent email from ArcheryGB that Archers of Bridlington and Burton Agnes have been raided and over £11,00 of kit stolen.

Can you keep your eyes open for the following kit – if you are offered it on the cheap pleae contact Pete Rolin – Chairman/Equipment Officer

With regard to our stolen equipment we have had over £11,000 worth of equipment stolen. A brief description is :-

12 Kap surprise bows (resin risers) 6 x Kap bows alloy risers pro series limbs  40 wooden trainer bows (Lyons SF, Ragin, Optimo. Samwha, Quicks, Petron)

8 x Rolan bows (risers 3 x red, 2 x blue, 1 x green, 1 x orange 1 x beige)

2 x KG Astron bows black/blue risers.  4 x longbows signed K Ward and 1 x PSE compound bow blue.v

d K Quivers various makes including Bow ports, Kg Cartel all were numbered

Arrows,  9 doz Easton jazz 1816 30 in. all with orange white fletchings. 15 doz platinum Plus 4 doz Easton gold  6 doz Easton platinum  2 doz Easton Autumn gold  and numerous other arrows. inc  100 wooden arrows.

This is just a few of the item stolen.

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