EMAS EGM – The Chairman calls for volunteers to ensure that EMAS continues

The EGM is coming up we have a lot of empty places on the committee to fill.

Over the past few weeks I have been looking and listening and these are my thoughts:

  1. Do we need a Tournament Adviser if counties don’t want the tournaments, that’s okay we don’t have them

    2. Field Representative do we need one as we never have an input just one shoot a year.

    3. People criticize  EAF if they are interested in why not have an input for years Les has been doing a great job but he needs help

    4. Development grant does anyone want it.   Do we want to take money off counties then make them fill forms in to get the money back or should the money go towards funding both junior and senior squads

    5. Do we need an EMAS committee or just one or two pen pushers to sign off the paperwork.  We go to meetings just to hear moaning and groaning not to the betterment of the region whilst the doers just get on and do.


6. RCO again do we need this post, if so coaches come on and make the effort, this is a post that should work for your benefit.  If not then it will be to your detriment in the long term as there will eventually be no one to sign the paperwork for your renewals.

7. We will soon be having the EGM we need people to fill the empty job’s or that’s what you will get.  You might want that.      Apathy is no good for anyone, least of all the region, it needs people to come forward and take on these post in order for it to continue to function properly and to drive it forward with new ideas.

I have been Chairman for a number of years now and if you feel the region would be best served by me standing down, then so be it, I am quite happy to do so.


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