EMAS Record Claim Forms



With effect from shoots held from 1st January 2014 the following claims procedure will apply:-

All claims must be submitted to the Records Officer within 8 weeks from the date of the shoot and will be ratified by the Records Officer 8 weeks after the date of the shoot.

During this period a Pending Claim, showing the date of the shoot and the score only, will be entered on the website, this will be shown in bold and highlighted to differentiate.

Claims can be submitted either by email to records@emasarchery.co.uk or by post to CAROL SMITH, 12 IVYDALE ROAD, THURMASTON, LEICESTERSHIRE LE4 8NE

Please ensure that claims are submitted with an EMAS Claim Form clearly stating the round and where appropriate age group along with a copy of the results sheet or score sheet (Please note website links to results will not be accepted – therefore ensure you include the actual results and NOT a link).  Please ensure that for rounds shot on club target days the score sheet must be witnessed by another archer, senior or junior, shooting the round with the claimant.  The score sheet must be endorsed by a club officer as follows shot on a club target day under AGB/GNAS rules of shooting and entered in the club records book signed by club officer, the witnessing archer and the archer claiming the record.

Any claim for a Record Status (R/S) shoot must be accompanied by the official results, claims without official results cannot be accepted.

The Records Officer will acknowledge receipt of the claim and once the 8 week period from the date of the shoot has elapsed a further email will be sent with regard to the status of the claim and the website will be updated accordingly.

If anyone has any queries please do not hesitate to contact the EMAS Records Officer at records@emasarchery.co.uk



EMAS Claim Form – Round





EMAS Record Certificates



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