The New Look EMAS Records Are Now Live

The waiting is now over, the updated EMAS records are now live on the web.

The records have now been updated in the new format, which we hope you will find nice and easy to read.  We have put the over view sheet for you to see which counties have which records, then we have split the individual bow discplines down by gender/age.

Sue still has some work to do on the categories that are missing, eg Flight, but they will be done as soon as we can.  To get the records up to date and reloaded has taken over 40 hours of work – and we are volunteeers so bear with us.

Can you please check to see that nothing has been missed or is incorrect, as it has been a mamouth task.

If you believe that you have a valid EMAS record please check the relevent pages to ensure that the details are correct and that it is coloured correctly.

If there is any problems with your claims, please email me

Thankyou for your patience, your new records officer, Sue Haynes


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