EMAS Records Officer


Sue took posession of the old records folder and is waiting for the spreadsheet.  Once they have been received, Sue will wade through and get the records listed in the new format – please be patient it could take a while.

Any new records claimed, Sue will acknowledge receipt.


Due to personal circumstances, Andy Watson has stepped down from the EMAS commitee as Records Officer, the committee would like to thank Andy for his work over the last 18 months.

With immediate effect, Sue Haynes will be taking over the roll of records officer.

There will be a formal handover from Andy to Sue at some point in the near future.

Can you please forward any new claims for EMAS records to  records@emasarchery.co.uk

An email forwarder from the old address to the new address will be put into place to allow anyone who accidently uses the old address to get through.

Sue will be looking at the processes and forms behind the EMAS records and the format in which they will be displayed, to hopefully show you not only the current record, but who claimed it, what county and when.

In the short term, please bare with us in the transition period

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