EMAS v Northern Counties Junior Teams

Huge congratulations to the EMAS team competing against Northern Counties on the 2nd June at Wetherby. The Combines EMAS team scored 12,515 against NCAS Total 11,871 giving EMAS a win by a margin of 644 points

Eva H. Hirst 1242
Lizzy Warner 1224
Lucy Colledge 1168
Bradley Denny 1291
Chris Brown 1207
Alex Holmes 1084
Holly Smith 1350
Leonie Allen 1250
James Holyland 1356
Jon Bull 1343
Abbie Spinks 1230
James Passingham 1272
A big thank you to the team members above also to Mark Allsopp as team manager and of course to parents supporting the archers.

Tony Gray

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