The-Battle-for-Five-Boroughs ~ Mercia Archers ~ RESULTS

August 17, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Mercia Archers
Gresley Old Hall
Gresley Wood Road, Church Gresley, Swadlincote
Derbyshire DE11 9QW
Geoff Fisher


In 917 Æthelflæd, Warrior Queen, Lady of the Mercians, struck east at the Five Boroughs of the Danelaw; Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham, Stamford THE BATTLE FOR
The Viking stronghold of Derby will be first to fall; join the Mercian army to chase the Viking invaders from our fair lands, and to the founding of England!
Saturday 17th August 2019 at 12pm Registration from 11am
Edward the Elder (Organiser) – Geoff Fisher Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians (Lady Paramount) – Luci Mahon Entry fee £12 (seniors and juniors) to include a mid-battle feast (fish&chips), and entry into the Final Volley Battalions will be organised as follows… Longbow Traditional (wooden, non-longbow) Barebow *Sighting aids of any kind are not permitted*
The Viking cowards will be dispatched from the following distances; Seniors 4 dozen each at 140, and 100 yards Juniors (U16) 4 dozen each at 80, and 40 yards The final end at each distance will be shot in volleys
A Final Volley will be shot advancing on the assembled Viking army, the best headshot claiming the Warrior Queen’s Purse of £50
Quaffing (bar) and rations (snacks) available all day
Medieval dress (fancy or otherwise) is encouraged!
Gresley Old Hall, Gresley Wood Road, Church Gresley, Swadlincote DE11 9QW
• Deadline for entry is Saturday 10th August or when full. Refunds on entry fees are at the discretion of the Organiser, but due to food ordering, cannot be made after the deadline
• Juniors count as U16, however seniors or juniors can shoot the closer/further distances if preferred, to add challenge or give a chance of hitting (we want you to have some sense of achievement!). However seniors shooting the junior distance, scores will not count when allocating awards
• We will be shooting at life-sized targets of Vikings and their longboats, made from a layered sandwich of extruded polystyrene insulation boards, carpet, and thin plywood (just like the Vikings of old…)
• The long distances shot are similar to clout archery, and so the ArcheryGB rules of shooting relating to clout safety and technique are applied. Scoring is a little more vague, and in all reality, optional
• In keeping with the nature of this tournament (ie not damaging the targets), there are three categories of bow types allowed; Longbow, Traditional (ie any all-wood bow that is not a longbow), and Barebow (ie modern recurve without the cheating dangly bits)
• No sighting aids of any kind are allowed (eyes are permissible so long as you squint)
• Whilst it is not a requirement, you are encouraged to enter into the ‘spirit of the thing’ by dressing appropriately for medieval battle. Note: there is no documented evidence of zombies, Elvis, or naughty nurses* in battle at any time during the middle-ages (*note to self; don’t research this at work)
• The Gresley Old Hall bar will be open throughout the day for drinks and snacks
• Halfway through the shoot we will break for feasting – please make sure you enter your choice of meal on the entry form. Meal choices cannot be changed on the day of the shoot, due to pre-ordering
• Additional meals for non-shooting guests can be ordered at a cost of £5 each. Please add meal choices and fees to the entry form, or submit online
• All archers must be affiliated to ArcheryGB and may be asked to produce their membership cards
• Junior entries must be signed by a parent or guardian to signify consent to their child taking part
• In view of the provisions of the ArcheryGB protection of children and vulnerable adults policy, those wishing to use photographic/video equipment at this event are to register with the Organiser on arrival. Persons wishing not to be photographed should advise the organiser at the time of entering
• Each archer must receive instruction in Clout shooting prior to the tournament, if necessary, instruction will be given on the day before shooting starts
• Gresley Old Hall and Mercia Archers do not accept any liability for personal injury, loss or damage to visitors and competitors’ equipment or possessions however caused

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