Level 2 Coaching Course (proposed) ~ Leicestershire starting Spring 2013

Carol Byde, senior Archery GB coach has asked L.R.C.A.A. to arrange a Level 2 coaching course.

BUT we would like to know who would be interested, basic info below:-

Dates Spring 2013, prerequisite Must be Level 1, with some record of C.P.D. [Continuing Professional Development].

Course length 6 day sessions [9am to 5pm], over approx 12 weeks.

Plus 12 hours supported practice, with documentation on activities undertaken during practice sessions, 3 of these hours observed by your mentor.

AND 1 Assessment day [ 9 to 5 ].

Estimated cost at time of e.mail:
£25 per course
£30. per candidate pack
£25.00 per candidate for assessment.
Tutor: £1200 for 6 days
Lead Assessor £150.00
Assessor £100.00
Admin costs: £150.00

Venue costs: t.b.a.

Estimated cost £ between £350.00 & £500 [ Venue costs & additional assessors] This figure is based on a full course of 12 people, less people more money has to be paid by the other candidates.

Further information go to:

‘Archerygb>>Support Index >> Operations>> Coaches & leaders Index>> Level 2’

If you area  Level 1 coaches or know of a level 1 how would be interested, please register your details with C.C.O. at present  Andrea Hammond e.mail as above, of telephone 0116 2898 203 answer machine leave a message. or by county reps.

Hope to hear from some of you soon.


Andrea Hammond


Level 2 Trawl admin.

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