Congratulations to Hollie Smith who broke 3 national Records at Sherwood , she on 1st June , breaking the 1400 barrier on the Saturday with the EMAS squad with a score of 1403 then went to Sherwood on the Sunday to hit a masssive score of 1429


She broke the following National Records

  • Metric 4 overall – 1429 only having 10 arrows out the 10 zone (she had a 8 at 40m)
  • Long Metric 4 – 714
  • 30m Distance – 359


It was a special day for Hollie as she was shooting against 1 of her main rivals in Lucy Mason who currently held the national Records, it was a very tense day for all of us as in the end there was only 1 point separating the 2 archers. I wouldn’t have thought it will happen many times that you get second place with a score of 1428 they both shot their hearts out to get such high scores (Lucy also claimed a National record at 20m)

(all records subject to ratification by ArcheryGB, EMAS and County Records Officers)

2014 06 01 Hollie Smith at Sherwood

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