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Merlin Field Archers Open Marked WA Field UKRS @ Mrelin FIELD course
Aug 15 @ 08:26 – 09:26



Merlin Field Archers
(and Paradox Archers)
Date: Sunday 15th August 2021
Venue: Merlin Melbourne Rd, Ashby-de-la-Zouch LE65 1RS, UK
(Map to be issued with the Target List)
Round: WA Marked Field Round
Lady Paramount: TBC
Chairman of Judges: Andrew Leadbetter
Judges: Andy Stanford and A N Other
Programme: Assembly at 10.00am – Start shooting 10:30am Practice Targets
available from 9.00am.
Entries: The closing date for entries is 8th August 2021 – spaces limited to 96 archers.
Entry Fees £12 Senior, £8 Junior. Cheques payable to “Merlin Field Archers”
Bank Details for email entry available upon request
Archery GB Membership Cards will be required to be shown for insurance purposes.
Archery GB Dress regulations do not apply – please dress appropriately for the
weather – bright colour is recommended for a field shoot
Directions: Will be issued in the week prior to the shoot with the Target List.
Awards: will be made as follows:.
Medals will be awarded in each recognised Archery GB division on an Open basis, and will be
dependent on the number of entries in the division.
 1 or 2 entries – 1 medal
 3 to 4 entries – 2 medals
 5 or more entries – 3 medals
Shoot format and course: The course will comprise 24 targets (The Merlin course has 28
targets, but only 24 will be used)
All Juniors may shoot the appropriate peg for their age and bow class, or may shoot from a
colour of peg that is of greater distance than that specified. For the awards all Juniors age groups
will be taken together in each division.
The pegs for each classification and age group will be as follows:
 Senior Recurve and Compound Limited and Unlimited will shoot RED pegs
 Senior Barebow, Traditional, Longbow and American Flat Bow will shoot BLUE pegs
 Juniors (both Boys and Girls) to shoot the appropriate pegs as follows:
o Recurve Freestyle Juniors – U18 Red Pegs, U15 Blue Pegs U12 White Pegs
Barebow, Traditional, Longbow, American Flat Bow and Compound
Barebow Juniors – U18 Blue Pegs, U15 Blue Pegs U12 White Pegs
o Compound Limited and Unlimited Juniors – U18 Red Pegs, U15 Red Pegs U12
White Pegs
All butts on the course will be layered foam.
Refreshments: Hot and cold refreshments will be available to purchase and this will again be
confirmed on the Target List
Drug testing: ‘Record Status Shoots will be liable for drug testing and competitors approached to
give samples must comply: If they refuse, that refusal will be treated as a positive result. The
signature of a Parent or Legal Guardian consenting to a junior archer being tested for drugs is
required if they will not be attending (NOTE This must be Parent or Legal Guardian – a senior
archer accompanying the child cannot give this consent.). An address should also be provided
where they can be contacted in case of problems. (See Entry Form)
Photography: Forms will be available for completion on the day for registering the name and
contact details of anyone wishing to use photographic/filming equipment (including mobile phone
Club: …………………………………………………………….
Title Name Jun.DOB Peg Colour Archery GB No. Bow Type Fee
I agree to my child undertaking a test for drugs if they are approached at this tournament.
Signed, Parent/Legal Guardian. (delete as appropriate)
Signed: …………………………………………………………. Date: ………………………………..
Name: …………………………………………………………….
Please send entries with cheques (made out to Merlin Field Archers) to: Ash Cowie, 42 The Meadows,
Shepshed, LE12 9QN Email: chair@merlinfieldarchers.co.uk Mob: 07817482909
Bank Details for entries available on request.
Please give contact details in case of changes.
Phone contact number…………………………….. E-mail…………………………………………..
On arrival please register at the Merlin Archers Club House and present your equipment to the
Judges for inspection.
There will be practice available from 9.00 am to 10.00 am with targets close to the Car Park and
Club House.
Archers will be divided into groups of four and allocated to a starting target. Following assembly
and introductions groups will then proceed to starting points and start shooting on the whistle at
You will need to take all the equipment you need with you including spare arrows.
Shoot from as close to as practically possible behind the shooting line (this being an imaginary
line drawn through the shooting peg parallel to the target), the colour peg being as appropriate to
your Class and Junior Age, as outlined on the entry form. The distances will be on the pegs.
Please start scoring on the appropriate target number on your scoresheet. There will be two sets
of scoresheets, which are to be completed by two different archers in each group and the target
and running totals should be compared and checked by those scoring after each target.
We will shoot the course as one continuous round with refreshment breaks as you pass the Club
House. The two archers list first in each group will be the first pair and the second two the
second pair. The first listed archer in each pair will stand on the left of the peg and second in
each pair to the right. Pairs will alternate shooting first on each target. If there is a group of three
then the single archer will shoot from the left of the peg unless they agree otherwise at the start
of shooting. Archers shoot from the same side of the peg on all targets.
Three arrows are to be shot at each target. Please note that all arrows are to have the archer’s
name or initials.
The distances (in metres) and associated target face sizes in centimetres are as follows for each
of the two 12 target units:
Number of
Diameter of
Field Faces in
Distance in metres
White Post(s) Blue Post(s) Red Post(s)
3 20 5 – 7 – 10 5 – 10 – 15 10 – 15 – 20
3 40 10 – 15 – 20 15 – 20 – 25 20 – 25 – 30
3 60 15 – 20 – 25 30 – 35 – 40 35 – 40 – 45
3 80 20 – 25 – 30 40 – 45 – 50 50 – 55 – 60
The 80cm and 60 cm faces will be a single face on the butt, the 40 cm with have 4 faces arranged
in 2 columns of 2, and the 20cm faces will be arranged as 4 columns of 3. On the 40 cm faces the
first archer up on the left shoots all of their arrows at the top left face, the first archer up on the
rights shoots the top right face, the second archer on the left shoots the bottom left face, and the
second archer on the right shoots the bottom right face. On the 20 cm faces the first archer on the
left shoots one arrow into each of the first column of faces, in any sequence, the first archer up
on the right, the third column, the second archer up on the left, the second column and the second
archer up on the right, the forth column. Where an archer has 2 arrows in one of the 20 cm faces
the lower value is to be scored.
Please try to resolve any questions of line cutters, bouncers etc within your group (for bouncers,
shoot another arrow) and if agreement cannot be reached, call one of the Judges. There are two
score sheets per group and in case of discrepancy the lower score will prevail. Correct any
mistakes before the arrows are drawn and both archers and scorer are to initial the changes which
should be validated by a Judge when you next see one on the course. Scoring:
Inner yellow zone Score 6
Outer yellow zone Score 5
Inner black zone Score 4
Next black zone Score 3
Next black zone Score 2
Outer black zone Score 1
Miss Score 0, mark M
In case of a lost arrow, search for a few minutes then move on. You can also search after the
event. Do not stray too far from the target or you may enter the overshoot area from another
target. Always leave an archer in front of the target whilst searching, to stop the next group from
shooting before the target is clear. Do not overtake the group in front. If any equipment or arrows
are found, please hand these in to the organisers at the first suitable opportunity.
Please do not retrace your footsteps, only leave the course at a safe point following the direction
arrows. At certain points on the course there may be safety warning signs and safety barriers,
which archers should not cross.
In case of equipment failure, the other archers in the group should shoot and score and then you
may have up to 30 minutes to resolve your problem. Other groups may shoot through. Rejoin as
soon as practical to shoot your remaining arrows and then your group should continue round the
Only take a break as you pass the Club House or half way station.
At the end of the shoot please check, sign and hand in both copies of the score sheets to the
Enjoy your shooting.