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The Clout collective presents the SIEGE OF HARFLEUR @ John Port Spencer Academy
Aug 20 @ 11:00 – 18:00

Harfleur Castle will be besieged from the following distances;

  • Seniors 4 dozen each at 100, and 80 yards
  • Juniors (U16) 4 dozen each at 80, and 60 yards
  • The final end at each distance will be shot in volleys
  • A Final Advancing Volley will be shot approaching the Keep, the best headshot claiming the Lady’s Purse of  50

Longbow Traditional (wooden, non-longbow) Barebow

*Sighting aids of any kind are not permitted*

  • No sighting aids of any kind are allowed (eyes are permissible so long as you squint)
  • Whilst it is not a requirement, you are encouraged to enter into the ‘spirit of the thing’ by dressing up appropriately for medieval battle. Note: there is no documented evidence of zombies, Elvis, or naughty nurses* in 15th Century battle (*note to self; don’t research this at work)

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